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夜の赤坂:国木田 独歩(1-26)/173


Akasaka at night


Doppo Kunikida


Let's talk about the state of the night in Tokyo, and let's talk about your wishes with Wu, but since I lived heavily in Akasaka Ward, I would like to talk about what I saw in the field only in Akasaka Ward. I will do it.


First of all, aunts and others think that Tokyo is somehow a lively place, and they are trying to shape their own scenery with their own eyes, but when they actually see it, the imagination is inevitable. I think I'm surprised that I was there.


It is often said that there is a countryside in Kyoto, and Akasaka is the countryside of Kyoto first.


There are many rural areas in Tokyo, so there aren't many places in the 15 wards of Tokyo that my aunts have imagined and written in the picture.


Akasaka is a lonely place, and those who live in downtown areas, that is, Kyobashi and Nihonbashi, know that there are foxes and raccoon dogs.


In fact, there are many places where foxes live.


At night, Akasaka was a lively place, Tamachi, Ichiki, Shinmachi, and so on, and the rest were extremely lonely.


The area around Tamachi is very lively.


In particular, Akasaka geisha is one of the places where geisha live in several places in Tokyo, so at night, the appearance of red lantern green liquor is held in the same way as the houses in Tamachi, so in Tameike When you walk along Odori, you can hear the sound of Sanxian, the geisha of drums, or the sound of geisha, which is pretending to be the second floor, on that second floor or this second floor.


Suppose there is a gentleman who drives from downtown to the wide street of Tameike, a road with a width of 20 minutes, Tameike on the right, houses on the left, and cherry blossoms and willows on the left and right. Cars fly through the side-by-side plantings.


It goes without saying that the place where this car is put down is, and all of the ten-eighty-eight fellows who are said to be gentlemen in Tokyo are good at such things.


It was one night, when I went for a walk in the mountains of Sanno at about 8 o'clock, that night was the moon, there was no cloud in the sky, and the lukewarm spring breeze was so nice that it somehow softened people's hearts. It was a depressing night with a feeling of tickling and tickling.


When I stood on the Tameike Bridge, I saw the black shadow of the cherry blossoms, the moon shadow shimmering in the night dew, the narrow fog standing on the Tameike, and the Sannodai, which was full of black when I looked up, and everyone had a wonderful view.


I was standing on the bridge for a while, but when I crossed the bridge, it was in Kojimachi Ward, but it was possible to join Akasaka from the ground, so Sannodai was in Akasaka. Everyone thinks it belongs to Akasaka, that is, Sannodai can be said to be a park in Akasaka, so most of the people who take a walk here are those near Tamachi in Akasaka Ward.


In other words, even though I live in Akasaka Hikawa-cho, I always come here for a walk.


It goes without saying that there are many trees in the shrine, but apart from Sannodai (Hie Shrine), it flourishes as a large tree with three and four hugs, and there are few places to see the whole mountain and the shade, so spring and summer In the three seasons of autumn, there are quite a few people who crawl this | Kinoshita Kage.

併し夜! 夜は又これほど物寂しい場処は少なく、夏の熱い最中ならば知らぬこと、其他の季節に夜に入つて此山に登る者は決して普通の人ではない。

At the same time, night! There are few places that are so lonely at night, and if it is hot in the summer, you will not know it, and those who enter the night and climb this mountain in other seasons are by no means ordinary people.


I hadn't taken a walk in this mountain very much at night, but at that night I was surprised to see the scenery of the moon, and I was motivated to walk around the forest, so I climbed up from Torii on the front.


The precincts of Yawata in the village are not so big, so the lonely person couldn't imagine how there was such a place in the town of Tokyo. ..


There are places where the moon shadow looks like a star through the leaves of the trees that grow in black, and there are places where you can walk in the dark and dark.


As soon as I explored, I went out to the upper flats, went northward, sat down on a bench, and looked down at Tamachi, and when I looked down at Tamachi, there was a line of flowering lights from between the trees, just below. You can hear the ridiculous noise of the gentlemen who are on the side.


The clear sound of the Sanxian echoes.


Lol I even remember the screaming voice.


One famous star calls Sannodai Oka, because a long time ago, when he saw the northern mountain hand from Sannodai, the lights of the farmhouse were scattered and it came out from the place where it looked like a star, it is suspicious. It is a theory, but it seems that the rabbit also decided the name of Kakukodai, and before that, there was a time when this big city could not be opened yet.