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都の友へ、B生より:国木田 独歩(1-55)/85


To a friend of the city, from student B


Doppo Kunikida




I have been living a lonely life for the first time in a long time, which may be due to my illness.


After a long time of thinking about various things, I feel like I'm confident of my existence.


I think this is entirely due to loneliness.


I don't know if this hot spring is physically effective for my health, but the hot spring is not bad.


At least this hot spring in this house is not bad.


A quiet bathroom, a rectangular bathtub, a transparent hot spring with a ball of balls, and a monopoly on this at around 2 pm |


Put your hindbrain on one end of the bathtub, put your toes on one end, float gently and close your eyes.


Sometimes I open my eyes and look at the ray window near the ceiling.


You can see half of the paulownia leaves that glitter in the blue and the endless sky.


If you are an old man, you can sing in your mouth with Namu Amida Butsu / \.


Even if you are not an old man, this feeling is the same.


When I returned to my room, it was neat and tidy.


When I got out, I was waiting for books, antiques, and crabs, but I got each place and waited quietly for me.


It rolls around and becomes a large letter, pulls the sitting cloth and folds it in two to make a pillow, and again begins to read the book of the hand.


Tao Yuanming's so-called "unsolicited solution" is still acceptable, but sometimes it takes one page to read.


Because I am thinking about other things at all.


When I was reading the collection of Chekhov's short stories that you sent me yesterday, I suddenly thought about Mr. Boz.


Mr. Boz's real name is Minju or Go | Rohei and Kaifu, but the person in this area is called Mr. Boz, and he himself replied in a straightforward manner.


It was the time when I came to this place before, one afternoon I thought I was fishing for sweetfish downstream of the stream.


The place was completely in my ki, from the back of the ivy, a tree was covered with branches and leaves, and in front of it, a very wide ivy swirled in a whirlpool. I'm here.


The scaffolding is so good that you can think of it as a scaffold.


When I saw this ivy, I thought that if I could catch it with this ivy, I couldn't catch it, but a spicy stick would come out for about half a day.


Shortly after I started fishing, there was a person who suddenly asked "Can you catch it?" From the back.


When I turned around, it was an old man I knew later with Mr. Boz.


Seventy | Close, short but thick old man with a Yahari fishing rod.


"This is the scale I just started.


"While saying, the floating tree sank with Gui, so when I put it together, it was a medium-sized bait fishing.


"I can catch this 處 quite well.


The old man sat down beside me and smoked.


However, Mr. Boz was just looking around because it was a place where one person could put out a rod.


Soon after raising another tail, Mr. Boz,


"My husband is good.



"No good.



"I don't like it.



"Is this still good?



"The middle husband of the customer who comes to this hot spring is one | etc.


』And exaggerate.


"Anyway, tools are acceptable.


I was surprised to hear that


"It's a tool to fish, ha, ha, ..."


Mr. Boz was a little upset,


"I don't like it because it depends on the tools.


No matter how good you are, if the tools are bad, you can't catch the tail, but you can't catch the tail.



After that, they became acquainted while talking about various things, and Mr. Boz did not hesitate to say that the place I saw was one of Mr. Boz's hydrangea, and the scaffolding was made by Mr. Boz, Tokyo. When the customer comes out from the scaffolding together, he gets angry and stops immediately if he can't catch it because of his bad habit, and the one who gets angry when he says he can't catch it is the most stupid person. There were many such idiots, and even fish had a regrettable life.


That day, I broke up, and after that, I invited each other to go fishing, but Mr. Boz's house was an old thatched roof with only one room, and he lived in a thatched roof. ..


An old man who talked about anything without hesitation was trying to avoid personal matters as much as possible.


However, according to the 處, which I heard from a long distance, the husband and wife of Tanoura have a peasant life and live a good life, but it is said that the couple's husband and wife do not eat Ki. It seems that he has lived alone in this area for some time, and he is a husband and wife who has been sent only food.