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あの時分:国木田 独歩(32-56)/128




"I'm making a fool of people!" Ueda rounded his eyes, and he shouted in a high tone, "Otama-san ... Higuchi-san ... Otama-san ... Higuchi-san ..." So, when the government, Kimura, and I were taken aback, the one who rushed in was Shiro, a child of this family who became fifteen.


I took the basket and left, saying, "Please give me a parrot."


This Shiro-san was on good terms with me and had promised to hang a goose in the rice field in the back soon, but that night, Mom A and Higuchi said they had shopping in a certain slope town. Teyuki and Seiho went to a speech by fellow students at the school hall, Kimura went to a prayer meeting, and all that remained at home was the daughter of a relative who came in place of her maiden, Shiro and I. So, I became very lonely, so I started to carry out the goose fishing.


I had prepared it with Shiro for some time-that is, I put the loach caught in Tamizo on the hook and sprinkled it here and there in the rice field as soon as I left the house to the west.


The rice fields may have filled the pond of a daimyo's Shimoyashiki in the olden days. There are some artificial hills around it, so it's a good hiding place for geese, so every night at that time. There was a group of geese like this.


Apart from my dear parents and brothers, I came all the way to the city, whiplashed in the heart of a meritorious name like burning, and while I was still a kid, this kind of mischief is the same fun as Shiro. I had.


When dozens of hooks were attached to a kite string, their roots were tied together and tied to the trunk of a chestnut tree, and Shiro and the two of them unintentionally wanted one of the starry shadows in the cold sky. I will never forget my feelings.


Of course, there was no way for the geese to get caught, so I tried it for about two nights after that, but only Shiro and I gave up because people laughed at me.


Sadly, Shiro suffered from spinal cord disease shortly thereafter, and although he had been living a life similar to that of a disabled person for a few years, he died.


And I don't even know where the tomb is now.


It's this kind of thing that seems to give up and sinks into the heart of grief that you can't give up every time you remember, and I feel the sorrow of the word "thin ties".


Recently, I met Takami and Ueda at the alumni association for the first time in a while.


However, since these two people have jobs in Tokyo and are properly dressed, they meet twice or three times a year, but because they are in a different direction from me, they don't come and go very closely.


However, when I meet, I always have the same alumni temperament as before, and talk unreservedly.


Takami recommends that you stop by on your way home on this day as well, so I took the three of them with Ueda and became a feast that was a little too good for his wife's home cooking, and after drinking alcohol, "that time" began. However, Takami was in the original cheerful tone,


"What happened to a man named Higuchi sometimes?" Became a parrot.


"What's going on, he was a man who was smoldering or dead, unlikely to live long."


Ueda of the law says that it is still strict as before.


"I say something that looks like it, but in fact, that man was somehow overshadowed, Mr. Kubota."


Like Takami's words, I have no choice but to agree.


When I think of a young man who doesn't speak much, has a pale complexion, has a small forehead, and is twenty-one or two years old, there is no lively color around him, and the gray mist wraps around him. Seems to be.


"But in terms of luster, we were far from Higuchi," Ueda laughs coldly, Takami says.


"I don't like that, only for such a man, it's something that a woman can relate to, it's a woman's obedience, and it's still a man, so I try to push it with Choi, so-called tension, a woman is such a man If you try to do it yourself or try it again, you will be absorbed in it.


So look, that fifty-faced grandmother might have forgotten her shame and hearing.