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あの時分:国木田 独歩(1-31)/128


That time


Doppo Kunikida


By the way, there were many gentlemen who could talk about their school days, saying that the Meiji era prospered and that time was interesting.


Every time we meet, various stories come out.


It will be repeated many times.


It is this nostalgic story that I never get tired of repeating and repeating, and even those who are caught in the waves of the floating world and leave a struggle somewhere in their eyes, when it comes to "that time" Unknowingly, the blood of youth once again rises to the cheeks, the eyes are shining, the voice is shiny, and gentleness and even tears are held.


It was the time when I came nineteen, and Shirokita University now has the momentum to divide the world into three parts and keep one of them, and the school building has become magnificent, and the rice fields and fields around it have become a town. It's the so-called "that time", which is beyond the imagination of today's people, and the bell for employment rings, which is the rice fields, forests, and fields. It echoed beyond, and the bell jumped out of the amateur boarding house as it was, and the peasant who was fattened on the path of the rice field gave way.


One day | A young man from the same inn called Higuchi brought back a parrot from somewhere in a beautiful basket.


For some reason, this young man was absent from school at that time and had somehow spent the day, but it didn't look strange to me.


Around 3 pm, when I got home from school, three friends were gathering in my room, one of whom was a quiet Kyushu young man named Kimura who was lining up his desk in the same room, and the other two were boarding in the same house. He was a young man who was a bloody guy in the political and legal departments.


Looking at me, Takami of the political department,


"Kubota-kun, Kubota-kun, I have a rare story," he said, "Higuchi, who hasn't come out yesterday, brought a parrot from somewhere, but you still haven't seen it, please see it soon." So I immediately went to Higuchi's room.


Between the six tatami mats facing the back field, Higuchi and the person who became the 478th of the owner of this house were talking about something in front of him.


After this, we all called the house a mother.


Mom looks at Higuchi's face with a very difficult face, Higuchi is a usual habit, licking her lower lips again with the tip of her tongue and facing down.


And a basket of parrots is placed on the bookcase.


"Mr. Higuchi, Mr. Higuchi" suddenly rang a parrot in a dull tone, so


"No, this is a strange body, Higuchi-kun, where did you buy it, this is interesting," I was still a kid, and in fact it was interesting, I stopped by the basket and looked at it.


"Yeah, it's an interesting bird," Higuchi turned around with a lonely laugh, but soon turned down again,


For some reason, my mom was crying, and she scolded me, "Mr. Kubota, if you see something like that, please bring it over there."


When I asked the owner, Higuchi, "I'm okay," Higuchi silently nodded and sighed lightly.


Because I brought a parrot, the two of the politicians who were lying up broke up,


"What's wrong?" Takami compares my face with the parrot's basket and listens with a laugh, so "What's wrong?"


"Mother would have been in Higuchi's room."


"I was there," I replied casually, but I didn't say anything strange.


However, the two political law laughed face-to-face, silently.


Then, while twisting the scarlet string tied on the basket, Ueda of the law department said, "I can't do it because I'm squeezing this string, it's a source of exposure, and above all, it's proof." To make it even more plausible, Takami


"But I wonder if Higuchi is happy with this string, look at it, how does it smell?"


Ueda's voice was a little high, saying, "Speaking stupid, it's not Higuchi," so the parrot shouted "Higuchi-san."


"Let's do this?"


Takami groaned, but the parrot was all right,