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富岡先生:国木田 独歩(286-335)/377


Love, confusion, shame, dreams, and actually this anguish is no less than he.


At one point, I asked Kurakura to send a sentence to the steal, and I thought that I was confident about Umeko as I was, and I ran the brush without sleeping until about 2 o'clock in the evening, but he thought back. I broke the letter and finished.


It's been ten days like this.


One day Hosokawa finished school, and at about 4 o'clock, he returned to the warehouse while pondering at the foot of the hill, as he would when he returned.


Kurakura had a medicine in his hand.

「先生! どうしてこの頃は全然お見えになりません?」

"Teacher! Why don't you see at all these days?"


Kurakura asked in an unfamiliar manner, knowing that there was no such thing.


"How about your illness?"


Asked the situation of Elder Tomioka without answering the question of Kurakura again.


"At this time, I've been so weak that I've been in bed all the time, but it doesn't look like a bad wind.


But it's long now! Kurakura sighed.


“Oh, yeah, I want to go visit once...”


"Don't be sent out, what's going on, what do you say to me in a jerk..."


"That's true... how is Ome-san?"


I asked.


"Somehow all this time around, I'm just depressed, but I'm sorry even if I'm looking at it, I really feel sorry for the lady..." Kurakura looked crying and looked at Taho for the first time. I'm ridiculous.


"It's a problem, isn't the teacher still making noise?"


"Nani: At this time, the old teacher somehow slept half on the floor and couldn't speak too much."


"It's strange," said Hosokawa, squinting.


"Even though I have been bothered so far, I can say that it is not as energetic as this time, but it seems to be a proof that it is not long."


“That may be true!” said Hosokawa, with an eyebrow.


"And I can see the wind that breaks me and returns me stupidly.


When I saw it, I was sorry, but I thought it would be better if the quarreler quarreled with Yahari.''


"I wonder if I can go to see you tonight."


"You can come here, you can get involved!"


"Yeah..." Hosokawa thought for a while, but he said, "Please give my best regards to Mr. Ume."


"I'm smart, come visit me tonight"


Hosokawa was lightly upset, and the two were separated.


After thinking variously and trying in agony, the principal could not finally visit Tomioka that night.


Then, on the evening of the third day, Kurakura came to the principal's house with a serious look and handed a letter from Umeko to Hosokawa. Hosokawa was surprised to see his face in a circle. While he was there, he finished without returning a greeting.

 梅子からの手紙! 細川繁の手は慄るえた。

A letter from Umeko! The hands of Shigeru Hosokawa were frightened.


No wonder, it's unprecedented, it's impossible, and not only Hosokawa, but no other youth who knows Umeko can imagine it!


 When I opened the seal and read it down, I write this letter on behalf of my father in a very short sentence.


He said he would love to come tonight tonight, meaning that there is something he wants to talk to from his father.


Hosokawa flew away immediately.


Thinking about the old teacher's words of the night before, "Don't come until I call you!", he suddenly repeated this word a few times in his heart. I felt that my legs suddenly contracted when I touched the teacher's anger at night.


However, "I came to call".


With mysterious power, he invited him from the front and pushed him further from the back, running him, and he entered the gate without hesitation.


Looking through the living room, the village chief is coming.


The teacher is getting up on the floor and hanging on a futon.


Umeko is also seated, but the sight of the troupe is different from normal.


Serious, sinking, and not only the color of sadness is moving somewhere.


 The principal paid homage to the troupe, and once again turned to Tomioka Elderly,


"How are you sick?"


Even the voice saying, "This illness isn't refreshing" is weakening and sinking.


"It must be taken care of..."


"No, I'll be begging now anymore"


“That's right!” Hosokawa smiled with a comforting stack.


But the old man is serious


"I also don't think it will be long before I know my death, and I don't think it's going to be very long, so there's something I really want to go into and consult with you."