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牛肉と馬鈴薯:国木田 独歩(1-46)/379


Beef and potatoes


Doppo Kunikida


Meiji|The club is Western in the moat of Sakurada Hongo-cho, Shiba-ku|It wasn't so good, but there was a good building, the building is still there, but the owner replaced it, and now it is the Meiji The club is gone.


When this club was still prosperous, a winter night of a certain year, there was a lamp on the dining room on the second floor, which was unusual, and sometimes a loud laughing voice leaked to the outside.


Originally, this club has few night bunkers, so the smoke of the stove rises in the normal daytime.


However, even at 8 o'clock, people still can't see how likely it is to scatter.


There are rickshaws lined up next to the entrance to the Rokudai, but the car owners are all selfish, and they seem to be in the middle of the 16th game.


Then, one man, who put up the collar of his cloak and put on the mid-folding cap deeply, suddenly appeared from the darkness and suddenly pressed the bell.


When the door opens from inside,


“Is Takeuchi coming?” he asked, with a low voice and a heavy tone.


"Hah, are you here, are you?"


Said the receptionist dressed in Japanese clothes, with a slender face with one eye, politely.


The business card that says "This" is No. 5 in print and has no title.


The receptionist received it and hurriedly went upstairs and left, but soon it came down.


When I was guided up to the second floor when I was guided to "Please go here", the burning furnace was burning so warm, it was so warm.


Three people are in front of the furnace and the other three are a little farther away in the chair.


There was a bottle of whiskey on the table next to it, and there was a glass of water that had been dripped up, and there was also a glass of water that had been poured.


When I saw Okamoto, Takeuchi got up and cheerfully


He recommended one chair, saying, "Oh, give me this."


Okamoto does not easily sit down.


When I look around, five of them are people who have one side of the scene, but one person, a gentleman with a nice white meat, is a stranger.


Takeuchi noticed that,


"You don't know this person yet, let me introduce you, this person is Mr. Uemura, an employee of the Hokkaido Coal Mining Company, Mr. Uemura, this is my very old friend Tomo Okamoto..."


It is still called Uemura, and the gentleman is in a lively condition.


"Ya, for the first time... I'm always looking at the things you wrote...


 Okamoto was just Yui.


And I got into a chair.


"That's the end..." said Watanuki, a short gentle black beard gentleman.

「そうだ! 上村君、それから?」

"Yes! Uemura-kun, then?"


Said Iyama, a gentleman with thin eyes and a thin hair.


"Hahahaha, it was hard for me to go because I could see Mr. Okamoto," said the gentleman of the mining company, who laughed a little bit like a cheer.


"What is it?"


Okamoto asked Takeuchi.


"No, it's extremely interesting, I'm going to talk about our view of life in some way, because I listen to it and have a good theory of theory.


"Nani, I almost exhausted myself most of the time, because you are the real thing, unlike us party, let's hear about Yuki-kun, you guys!"


Uemura ran away.


"Don't do, finish your theory first!"


“I really want to accept it,” said Okamoto, drinking a glass of whiskey without placing it underneath.


"I think Okamoto | I think it's probably the exact opposite of yours, Yoneyuki, the ideal doesn't actually match, it doesn't match at all..."


"I'm afraid," said Iyama.


"If they do not agree, it is my ideal to actually dress rather than obey."


“That's it,” Okamoto told the second cup to growl.


Uemura's face was like a rabbit, saying, "Hey, you can't eat your ideal!"


“It doesn't matter if it’s hahahahabi!” Takeuchi laughed openly.


"No, it's beef, it's beef, it's stew."


"Isn't it an omelet!" said Matsuki, who has a crimson face, who had been silent and half asleep, and the youngest gentleman in his sitting seriously.