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小春:国木田 独歩(211-271)/271


The stalks of the sardines around the hill are like white silver, and in the meantime there are not so many Hikaru wild in Musashino, and the crimson leaves are shining out.


"This kind of complicated color would be a problem," he said, climbing a small slope and looking up at the forest above him.


“Well, but on the contrary, it might be better to paint with such a color being tricked,” Koyama laughed.


"I sometimes come across a landscape that a poor painter might draw, but in reality, the actual landscape is pretty good.



“That's why I draw badly, I don't even know my own power, I just get caught in the scenic scenery, so when I see it when it's finished, I'm like a person who has painted the exterior of the scenery.



“Nature is a good nuisance,” laughed.


When you step out onto the hill, the four sides suddenly open, and you can see the mountains on the border faintly over the forest.


"Mountain! I screamed unintentionally.


"Where, where," asked Koyama in a hurry.


I pointed my glasses to the person pointing to me and looked at me like I was blinding myself,


"I see, it's a mountain, how about this meditation? ”Shou shouted with nostalgia.


 At this time, what I remembered without end was the time when I was in Saiki, when I was looking out of the sky far from the peak of Mt.


Mountains piled up on top of each other, reflected in the clear air like water on autumn days, and dyed in purple. I had no choice but to miss the living people living in the valleys of these overlapping mountains.


 I went to Oyama while talking about my feelings at this time, and I came to the shore where Ichijou flowed, running from the back of the dim forest without sound and sinking into the back of the forest again.


There is one bridge.


It's torn to see and almost crashed.


"It's a bridge that a poor painter might draw," he said, hoping for this from the shadow of the forest.


"Shall I draw one?



"Before you go, it's commonplace.



"But if I don't draw such a thing, there is nothing I can draw.



Then, Koyama took a reasonable position, placed a commander, and began drawing enthusiastically, without being distracted by himself.


Avoiding the sun, I entered the Narabayashi, laid down the undergrowth, sat down, and lit a cigarette while looking at the rear view of my young painter through the trees.


━ Koyama draws silently, himself silently smokes tobacco, and the four circles are lonely and do not listen to human voices.


I took a poem from my bosom and read it.


Every time the wind blows over my head, the sound of the dead leaves of Nara brushing down makes me wonder.


Originally, this oar is not a very elegant tree.


The branches are coarse, the leaves are large, they do not stain slightly when autumn comes, the blue leaves are blue, the dead leaves are dead leaves, clinging cleverly to the branches, and even when the wind blows it easily frosts Does not fall.


Even in the midst of a storm on a winter night, the noise and loud noises create a distant atmosphere.


However, I like this sound, so when I sit in the back of the forest and play a little, this sound makes me here and there, just like something whispering, and the loneliness of nature Stain!


One day I forgot Koyama, I didn't get much into the books I read, and I was just devoted to the tranquility of the forest. It seemed like three or four years ago. I feel like I touched it.


"Brother! Koyama suddenly called, "My brother, it seems that the life of a person is compared to the four seasons, but when spring is like a student, Koharu can be likened to the age of a person, what did you feel?" I said, looking away.


"Is it autumn?



"Don't call it autumn, it's Koharu! ]


"I think Koharu is like me! I answered with no hesitation, and was apathetic, apathetic, apathetic that I had never experienced before.


"If you're spring, I'm Koharu Sa, Koharu Sa, winter is coming now! ]


"Hahahahaha, it will be spring again after winter," said Koyama.


The four circles have become quiet again.


Koyama draws whistling.


I thought, I wonder if these two are meaningful subjects.


(Worked in November, 1933)


Sokomoto: "Musashino" Iwanami Collection, Iwanami Shoten


First issue on February 15, 1939 (Showa 14)


Publish the 37th revised edition on August 16, 1972 (Showa 47)


Publish the 77th edition on April 5, 2002 (Heisei 14)


The base of the book: "Musashino" Minyusha


March 1901 (Meiji 34)


First appearance: "Junior high school world"


December 1900 (Meiji 33)


Input: Takashi Tsuchiya


Calibration: Hiroshi Kadota


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