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小春:国木田 独歩(70-106)/271

“Therefore let the moon

“Therefore let the moon

Shine on thee in thy solitary walk;

Shine on thee in thy solitary walk;

And let the misty mountain winds

And let the misty mountain winds

be free to blow against thee.”

be free to blow against the e.”


There is a double line in the phrase.


What did you draw it for, and when was this dark blue line drawn under these phrases in the first place?


"Seven years have passed" I instinctively spoke in German.


That's it.

そうだ! 七年は夢のごとくに過ぎた。

That's it! ⑦ Seven years have passed like a dream.




 I was most enthusiastic about reading Wars Wals when I was at Saeki in Bungo.


I stayed here for one year as a country teacher.


 I read the poems on the banks of the River Wai now, and what I recall endlessly is the life of this one year and the scenic light of Saeki.


In that place, I was a student rather than a teacher, a student who was guided by Warswold's poetry and learned about nature.


Indeed, seven years have passed.


However, the mountains, rivers, canyons, green fields, and forests of those places are clearly visible in my eyes, and they are more than the colors of my hometown.




"Let the moonlight illuminate your crawling," I lived for almost a year without nights, mornings, mountains, and fields.


"Bring thou as you want the wind of the mountain valley," I threw my feelings and my body into the bosom of nature.


I don't dare to say that Saeki is the same as the lakeside poet's lake country, but the culture of the lake country


When it rains, it falls from my heart, when it clears up, it shows a dazzling weather, the ringing fountain rings, the echoing waterfall echoes, neither the fountain nor the waterfall spills, but there is no cloudiness. The waves and bubbles are clear and bluish,


So if Warswolds is true, my Saeki is indeed.


Often when moving from a rainy hill to a hill, near or far, ghostly or obviously,


But it’s exactly the same, if you preach the cloud


Or, things that move silently and move from valley to valley, often move unmoving nature, change the unchanging landscape, turn a solid object into a dream, a phantom, a spirit, a mystery,


This is true of Saeki, which is full of water and mountains, but it is not necessary to contrast my Saiki with the Lakelands of Warswolds.


Mocking Scott on a walk with his notebook and pencil, Warswalth never looked at nature realistically and preached the topography of Lake Country and Yamagawa plants in the poem, it was just nature. Since I was able to see the change in the representation of the essence and comprehend the essence of its essence, if I draw and contrast the poetry of this poet, I will find a number of the same breeze all over Japan.


 Only one| Say, "I really read Warswolds when I was in Saeki, and I was most deeply and naturally moved when I read Warswolds in Saeki."


 In the next few years, I was lonely, intimidated, anguished and sad, I was never a happy person, my life was never flat.

『ああワイの流れ! 林間の逍遙子よ、いかにしばしばわが心汝に振り向きたるよ!』その通りであった。

"Ah, the flow of wai! Šayuko Rinkan, how often I turn around to my heart! "That was right.


My heart often remembered the wind and light on the shore of the domain Takumigawa every time these pressures were applied.


/> Now, how now, I have almost forgotten Saeki's life in the past one or two years, and if I remember Saeki, I couldn't think of me as I was.




 I began to remember Saeki quietly while keeping the poetry collection as it was.


It's something that I haven't forgotten, at that time, remembering the time of my repeated remorse, then the sculptures engraved in my eyes appear vividly, rather than looking at the picture. It appears clearly.


Even a single smoke of blue smoke rising straight from the half-belly of Mt.


So I posted my diary at the time, and when I read this book around, I thought of the light of that time.