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小春:国木田 独歩(1-38)/271




Doppo Kunikida




November | One day, I had been studying in the study since morning.


That book is the Warswold poems, because it has a relationship that is not easy for me.


It was already eight years ago, an unforgettable night of September 21st.

ああ八年の歳月! 憶えば夢のようである。

Oh eight years! Remember, it's like a dream.


Despite the fact that even this poem collection, which has only a couple of thirty volumes in the last year or two, has been treated so severely in my book that it was thrown into the deepest corner of the rack.


No, it might have been pulled out about once a month, but it was just a glance, but in the end it was just a glance, the phrase that pierced deeply into the bottom of the spirit with his own eyes was an empty red line with a blue stick Just as it was turned on, the power to move myself had disappeared.


I'm not even going to ask the question why, and I'm sure I knew this from the beginning, because I read "Michael" and wept with three lines for Riuk's fate. One day I was invited by the power of the ukiyoe that invited Ryukyu again.


And now and now, I am proud to say that I am old.

アア老熟! 別に不思議はない、

Aa matured! No wonder,

“Man descends into the Vale of years.”

“Man descends into the Vale of years.”


"People descend to the valley of the years"


There is a phrase in the 9th volume of "Excursion", and I have drawn a thick blue line on it.


I wonder if this is the destiny of a person, as evidenced by some of my friends who loved nature as much as myself and lived in high emotions with nature as a friend, but now it is a good family home Whenever someone talked to him, he said, "He has no common sense." Or, "That is a clerical worker," he said. We were still young to each other."


 I didn't forsake myself, Warswolds abandoned me.


What do you see when you pull it out?


Warswolds must have not sung so that these clerks and old teachers would understand.


@By the way, this old-aged teacher with his own license actually does not seem to be completely old, and things in the real world do not go well.


Perhaps as a result, even the Warswold poems were put on the desk once or twice a week.


Now, November: On a certain day, I remind myself that I had been studying in the study since morning.




▽Yesterday and today, it is sunny on autumn days, the weather in Koharu is extremely good, and it is a perfect climate for working, taking a walk, and reading books.


The so-called Warsworth


"The heat of the year has passed, the mind is as clear as water, the heavens are like mirrors, and the light and shade are finally revealed, and the time is finally reflected"


I'm happy, I have some tensions in my house and I can't remember.


You can do as much as you want and be pondering.


It is time for emotion, will and intelligence to do their best.


Even a person who loses himself in spring and loses spring in summer will be aware of his health and energy only during this season.


As a result, it seems that you can enjoy the taste of poetry a little, as my feelings towards the Wars Wals poetry collection have changed slightly due to the seasons.


Did you read the second or third song of Sonnet while avoiding the bright sunlight under the window facing south?

そして“Line Composed a few miles above Tintern Abbey”の雄編に移った。

Then I moved to the male part of "Line Composed a few miles above Tintern Abbey".


The meaning of this poem is roughly as on the left.


Five years have passed.


But now, stand again on this riverside, listening to the throat of the fountain, asking for its sorrowfulness, and seeing it hang on the land of the blue sky and become silent.


The day will never come, I will sit again in the shade of this dark and prosperous fruitless tree, and look for the countryside, and the day that I want for the orchard will not come again.


I must see that tree again.