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置土産:国木田 独歩(83-148)/148

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It disappears suddenly among young people, and if it is decided that he is a military husband these days without knowing how many people there are, Yoshiji will not be suspicious of that person either, and the rumor of a triangular rice cake tea shop is about 75 days | Even Yoshiji's name will not disappear.


The bean-like work of silk always works, Kouemon's words and salt, the head of the priest is in the newspaper, and it's still summer after autumn|I'm dead and winter is coming.


On a night when the wind blows through me, it is still dawning and I close it earlier than usual at Mochiya, and Kouemon is a bragging and hard man who can't take a sip of sake. Sit down, refrain from sitting down and twisting your neck while smoking a cigarette.


"It's a night like tonight when a monkey is angry with a small ribbon.



"Sure," the silk responded, and I couldn't handle it either, and my aunt and always had needlework.


The inside of the house is quiet and the sound of an octagonal clock is ticking outside.


"What's wrong with Mr. Kichi sometimes?" said Kouemon in a sudden loud voice.


"I was thinking about it now," said Silk, when he stopped looking at the needle and looked at his uncle, his uncle looked so serious.


"Isn't it that it's a very cold place over there?" I always stab at the bottom of my tabi.


"What's wrong with Mr. Yoshi's body?" said his aunt, looking through the needle.


"I can't say that, it's so terrible," says Uncle.


"Usually I should come back, but no matter how much money I can make, I can't do anything if I'm bad.



"Nani: It's about that man, so once he's gone to earn a stake, he won't return until he has some money, and he's a hard and rare man, so I don't want to die.



"Really," said silk in his mouth, his aunt loudly.


"I'm okay, and that person isn't wild about drinking sake" When I go out, because I usually go out because of God's gift and joy, I put it in the back of the chest and don't give silk to my aunt.


At the end of March, 28, there was a letter from my parents saying that I should return home with two days to spare, and it is a strange thing and my uncle Kouemon was suspicious, but I would like to go back to Sanri anyway. To my home where I live, silk is a souvenir of triangle rice cake and I'm back home after a long absence.


It's a consultation that you should go to your wife.


Not to mention the stepmother's belly, she wanted her to take her sister's silk out and put her child, her younger sister's pine tree behind her. The silk was given to Emon, and for the last three years, I went back to my house of silk for the new year once every New Year, and it was treated in a good mood. There is so much, and the son-in-law answers what the son-in-law should know.


I came to a youth triangle mochi teahouse at a traveler's inn that was around 7 o'clock in the evening, and I saw Mr. Kouemon looking at this guest today and ask him to work hard from now on.


Kouemon probably wouldn't be able to get out quickly with the customers who were probably salt.


Next day, in the back room in the back room, I went back to the place where I thought I was terrified, and I returned from silk, and when I went into the store, I always had a serious look


"Your uncle doesn't wait in the back, you have something to talk about.



There is a story about silk, and if you go up from the courtyard, not only the color of your uncle's complexion, but also the silk


"My uncle said that he would like to have him at home now.



"What was your errand, wasn't it a marriage?



"That's right, I'm going to Namba to get married.



Asked, "Why are you?"


"I had a live reply to discuss with my uncle.



"I see," my uncle sighed.


"What do you want your uncle to do?



"It's not for business, but don't be surprised, Mr. Yoshi died of a disease there.



"Mah! The silk becomes blue and no tears come out.


“Actually, I was surprised as well, because a young man from what shop came last night and the guest of this one would come soon, and when I went to see him, he was very friendly with Mr. Yoshi over there. , Said that Mr. Yoshi kindly looked after the illness.


So when Mr. Kichi's die, Mr. Kichi gave him 200 yen and handed it to Kouemon of triangle rice cake, and he will do half of it from you, half of which will be the cost of repairing the tombs of his siblings. I came back crying and crying, saying that I just heard that I couldn't reply to you.



"Mah, what should I do?", Silk crying down.


"Then, as I said, I will give you this hundred yen, so please be sure to receive it."


"Uncle, I'm sure I received a thank-you from me, thank you, and please mourn him well, because I will ask you again."



(September 1890)


Sokomoto: "Musashino" Iwanami Collection, Iwanami Shoten


First issue on February 15, 1939 (Showa 14)


Publish the 37th revised edition on August 16, 1972 (Showa 47)


Publish the 77th edition on April 5, 2002 (Heisei 14)


The base of the book: "Musashino" Minyusha


March 1901 (Meiji 34)


First appearance: "Sun"


December 1900 (Meiji 33)


Input: Takashi Tsuchiya


Calibration: Jianglong


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