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源おじ:国木田 独歩(1-45)/337




Doppo Kunikida




 You can learn a language from Saiki's younger brother by coming down from a young teacher from the capital, almost one year, coming in the middle of autumn and leaving in the middle of summer.


At the beginning of summer, he was reluctant to live in the castle, separated by half a mile, moved to the shore of the port called Katsura, and attended the school building from here.


So staying at the seashore January, enough to say a word during January | Mindfulness counts with one hand.


The overlapping person is the owner of the inn.


One evening, the rain breeze | The sound of the waves rising and rocking is rather rough, and the teacher who does not speak words because he likes to be alone is truly lonely. I don't know.


The couple talked to each other while playing mosquitoes in the dim light without turning on the light, watching the teacher, and giving up their seat.


The dusk breeze, a drop or two if you blow lightly, and the three face-to-face comfortably don't enter into the story of Momoyama.


 After that, I returned to the teacher's capital for many years|One winter night, one night later, I went to the small desk by myself|I refuse to admit it.


It must be sent to the old friend's hometown.


The blue color of the idea itself is slightly reddish around my cheeks this night, and I glance at me with no worries, and I pray for a certain thing in the mist.


 Alone in the fog.


 The teacher does not read every brush.


Read it again and close your eyes.


If the eyes are closed to the outside and opened to the inside, the manifestation becomes an old man again.


According to the letter, "Oh, the owner of the inn does not speak up.


Only on the body of a person who is extremely rare, there should be plenty in the shade of the mountains, in the water, and in the countries to seek such an old man.


Do not forget about this old man.


I think it's like a box that can't be opened by anyone who hides anyone.


Should this be my usual suspicious effect?


By the way, when I miss this old man, I hear the sound of a distant whistle and feel the emotions, movements, or poems of a traveler who loves my hometown. ..


However, the teacher cannot tell that the old man is entrusted with the above.


Only the summary is heard from the owner of the inn.


Why did the master listen to this old man so much, and the teacher couldn't understand it, but spoke as he asked.


"This port should be suitable for Saiki-cho.


There are a lot of houses called houses, and the number of people is not enough, so the loneliness is always tonight.


But Uncle Mina stands alone in this house and thinks of the loneliness before that.


He stands on the side of a pine tree next to his house and now on a wide road, and in the summer he borrows a cool shade from his travelers, but he has been rushing from the coast for more than a decade and can't wash its roots.


After coming from the castle, Uncle Minamoto's uncle, Funa-yori-manmono, often protrudes into the sea and sits down on the shore, and now the power of gunpowder has broken the dangerous cliffs.


"No, he was so lonely that he was alone from the beginning.


"My wife is beautiful.


The name is called Yuri, born in Oirishima.


It seems that people's rumors are false, but this is the only thing I heard about him when he was swallowed up by his uncle Genji and his uncle Genji When it disappears, there are people who knock on the door.


It's a woman's voice to ask anyone who wakes up and asks for the island.


If you cant see in the light of the moon and see it for a while, you will never know it, and you can find a little girl named Yuri on Oirishima.


"At that time, even though there were a lot of boating businesses, the name of the source was heard all over the place.


It's not only because of the enthusiastic youth, but because of his deepness, and when I ask you, there is a source of voice at that time.


People listened to him as he sang and sang him on the boat.


However, the words do not change even now.


"The little girl on the island is heartfelt, and the source is only Funarayi even late at night, and it should be a secret that no one knows if you look down on it from above.


He asked me to tell him what to do when he stayed in the boat, but when he got drunk he spoke no words, and he just laughed deeply on the forehead and wrinkled with Nijo, and the laughter was somewhat sad.


"The voice that the source sings |


Thus, the happy days of young couples are too paler than their dreams.