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武蔵野:国木田 独歩(251-286)/391


People in Tokyo have been erased by the word that they are carefree.


They wiped off their sweat, ate the watermelon that the old lady peeled off, washed their faces with a small groove that runs alongside the teahouse, and was there.


It seems that the water in this ditch was probably drawn from Koganei's water supply, it was clear, and it flowed comfortably between the green grass, squeaking in the oriori, and a bird came and hit the wings. , Seems to be waiting for her throat to damp.


However, the old woman seemed to wash the pot in the morning and evening with this water.


After leaving the teahouse, they started climbing the bank of Koganei to the water side.


Oh how wonderful the walk was on that day.


Obviously Koganei is a famous place for cherry blossoms, so it may seem silly to walk along the banks of the bank during the summer, but it is a story of a person who does not know the light of the summer day in Musashino.


The sky is bubbling with hot and humid clouds, the clouds are hidden behind them, and the blue sky appears at the bottom between the clouds. It has somehow a gentle color, and the blue sky can be seen deeper and greener.


However, it is not summer like this, but a kind of muddy colored haze disturbs between the clouds and disturbs all the patterns of the sky with swaying, crossing, leaving, and confusing. The light rays spilling through the clouds and the shadows radiating from the clouds cross over here and there, and they are trembling in the air without feeling uncertain.


The forests, the treetops, and even the ends of the leaves melt into light and heat, and are mellow, lazy, and drunk as sick and dull.


In the corner of the forest, you can see a wide field from the line broken into a straight line.


 While sweating, we pant over the levee, looking up into the sky, looking into the back of the forest, looking at the sky of Tengiwa and the area that touches the forest, and pant on the bank.


Are you suffering?

 どうして! 身うちには健康がみちあふれている。

why! The house is full of health.


During the long period of Misato Nagatsumi, I hardly see a figure.


Suddenly, a dog emerges from the farmyard or in the bush and looks at them suspiciously and yawns and hides.


Behind the woods, the roosters flap their wings high and the roosters make their time, which is heard in the walls of Yonekura, in the cedar forests, in the woods and in the bushes.


On the bank, there are many groups of chickens playing in the shade of cherry blossoms.


When you look at the water from a distance, the end of the water that flows in a straight line disappears in a kind of shadow like silver dust, and as it gets closer, it shines brightly and runs like an arrow.


We were standing on a bridge and comparing the top of the stream with the tail of the stream.


The taste of the flow is constantly changing depending on the condition of the light rays.


When I see if the water suddenly becomes dim, the shadows of the clouds may run, and in a blink of an eye, they may run up to themselves, stop suddenly, and lie sideways.


After a while, the water shines brightly and gives off a bright green light like forests on both sides, cherry blossoms on the banks, and spring grass after rain.


Under the bridge, there is a gentle sound of water.


This is not because water gushes on both sides, nor is it a sound like a shoal.


There is plenty of water, and because it flows through a deep groove almost like a wall made of clay, water and water become entangled, rub each other, and make a sound from themselves.


What a nostalgic sound!

“――Let us match

“--Let us match

This water's pleasant tune

This water's pleasant tune

With some old Border song, or catch,

With some old Border song, or catch,

That suits a summer's noon.”

That suits a summer's noon.”


I was also reminded of the phrase, and I want to look around whether the 72-year-old old man and the boy are sitting in the shade of a cherry tree everywhere.


I thought that the farmers who scattered on both sides of this flow were happy people.


Of course, we even walk on this bank with a straw hat and a stick.




 Tomoyu, who took a walk along the bank of Koganei with herself, is now a judge and went to the countryside, but I read the sentence in my previous issue and wrote and sent it as follows.