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武蔵野:国木田 独歩(138-169)/391


─ To a poem by Naoyoshi Kumagai,


Because it's smoky


Shinohi no Kayokafu Nari


However, when I knew the life of the Yamaya family, I really felt the heart of this song when I was in the winter village of Musashino.


It is from the end of spring to the beginning of summer that you feel the most beautiful sunlight while sitting in the forest, but that should not be written here now.


Next is the season of yellow leaves.


When I walk in the forest that is yellowish yellow and greenish green, the clear sky is seen through the gaps of the treetops, and the light of the day breaks into the end of the leaves that move in the wind.


Aside from Nikko, Usui, and other famous places in the world, a wide plain forest like Musashino is dyed all over, leaning to the west of the sun and shining a spark on one side.


If you can climb up high and occupy this big picture at a glance, it's no good, but even if you can not do that, because the scenery of the plain becomes monotonous It envisions a vast, almost endless sight.


It would be fun to walk by the imagination while walking in the yellow leaves toward the dusk.


When the forest runs out, it goes out to the field.




@October 25th, it says that you will walk through the fields to visit the forest, and November 4th, you say that you stand alone in the evening breeze.


So I draw Turgenev again.


"I stood up, picked up the bouquet, and left the forest and left.


The sun floated low in the lush sky, and the shadows it cast became pale and chilled, and instead of shining, it filled the four sides like a dark blur of light blue.


Even though it was still half an hour at sunset, Moyu and Kake began to dye the end of the sky red.


Held in Nobun where a yellow stump stump was blown across and blown violently, the small fallen leaves that slid back up rushed up, ran across the traffic along the forest, and swept across my side. All of the surface of the Tatsubayashi, like a wall, was annoying toward the nora, and it was flickering, though it didn't flicker as if it had scattered fine dust particles.


Moreover, the spider's web, which was entwined all over the place without dislike of dead grass, pods, and straw, was rippling in the wind.


I've stopped... I'm feeling sick, the object that obstructs my eyes is refreshing, but it's funny and funny, and even when I'm deserted, the winter stumbling that seems to be near Seemed to be seen through.


The raven crow flapping heavily, cutting the wind violently and jumping too high above his head, but he swung his foot around him, staring at himself with a side glance, and jumping to Kyu. While screaming like breaking my voice, I was hidden behind the forest.

鳩が幾羽ともなく群をなして勢いこんで穀倉のほうから飛んできた、がフト柱を建てたように舞い昇ッて、さてパッといっせいに野面に散ッた――アア秋だ! 誰だか禿山の向うを通るとみえて、から車の音が虚空に響きわたッた……」

Pigeons flocked to the granary in a swarm of flock and flew up from the granary, but ascended to build a pillar, and then scattered all at once in the field-Ah Autumn! Someone seemed to pass through the bald mountain, and then the sound of the car echoed in the void……」


 This is a Russian field, but the scenery of I Musashino from autumn to winter is also about this.


There is never a bald mountain in Musashino.


However, it rises and falls like the swell of the ocean.


It also looks like a plain plain, but rather it is more appropriate that the high places have low depressions and small shallow valleys.


The bottom of this valley is usually a paddy field.


The fields are mainly located on the hills, and the hills are divided into forests and fields.


The field is a field.


If there is no forest, it may or may not extend over several ri, and there may not be any over one ri. The farmers are scattered in the meanwhile and are further divided.


In other words, the fields and forests are just a mess, and if you think you'll enter the forest immediately, you'll be out in the field.


It also gives Musashino a special character, where there is nature, life here, and unlike the wild forest of wilderness like Hokkaido, which has a unique taste.