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ベートーヴェンの生涯:02 ベートーヴェンの生涯:ロラン ロマン:片山 敏彦(1206-1248)/1248


He suffered from severe pain in his liver and intestines, and was squeezing his body while shaking with chills.


The edema on both legs, which had been quite swollen by then, became severe. "


Wrote Dr. Wohlof.

 これらのいろいろな点から総括して、ドクトル・クロッツ・フォレストは、肺充血の発作ののち肝臓の萎縮硬化 〔Lae:nnec, Leberschrumpfung〕 が腹部と脚と足との浮腫をともなって来たのだと診断している。

Taken together from these various points, Dr. Klotz Forrest showed that after an attack of pulmonary congestion, liver atrophy (Lae: nnec, Leberschrumpfung) was accompanied by edema of the abdomen, legs and feet. It has been diagnosed.


In his opinion, Beethoven's excessive drinking of alcoholic beverages also contributed to the condition.


This was already the opinion of Doctor Malfatty.

Sedebat et bibebat「坐ると飲んだ。」

Sedebat et bibebat "I sat and drank."

(81) 歌唱者ルートヴィッヒ・クラモリーニは近頃出版された『回想記』の中に、彼が死に近い病床のベートーヴェンを訪れた日の感動的な思い出を書いているが、そのときのベートーヴェンの快活さと親切さとには人の胸を打つものがあった。

(81) The singer Ludwig Cramolini wrote in his recently published Reminiscence, the moving memories of the day he visited Beethoven, a sick bed near death. Kindness was something that hit people's hearts.

(一九〇七年九月二十九日の新聞 Frankfurter Zeitung 参照)

(See the newspaper Frankfurter Zeitung on September 29, 1907)

(82) 手術は十二月二十日、一月八日、二月二日および二十七日に行なわれた。

(82) The surgery was performed on December 20, December 8, February 2, and 27.


――This sorry man on the bed of death was suffering from bitter beetles as a bonus.


(Letter from Gerhard von Broning)

(83) 若い音楽家アンゼルム・ヒュッテンブレンナー。

(83) Young musician Anselm Huttenbrenner.


"Is God supposed to ode?" Wrote Brouining: "Let's thank God for God's end to the end of this suffering that has been so hard for a long time!"


All of Beethoven's manuscripts, collections and furniture were sold off for auction 175,755 Gulden.


The catalog contained 252 manuscripts and music books, all of which did not sell for more than 998 Gluden 37 Kreuzer.


The selling price of the "pen book" and "diary" was one Gulden twenty Kreuzer.


--Beethoven's collection included the following--

 カント『自然科学と天文学理論』Naturgeschichte und Theorie des Himmels ボーデ『天体の知識の手引き』Anleitung zur Kenntnis des gestirnten Himmels トーマス・ア・ケンピス『キリストに倣いて』Nachfolge Christi. 検閲官が押収した書物はゾイメ Seume『シラクサへの旅』Spaziergang nach Syrakus コッツェブー Kotzebue『貴族論』フェスラー Fessler『宗教および教会についての意見』Ansichten von Religion und Kirchentum.

Kant, "Naturgeschichte und Theorie des Himmels" Natural Science and Astronomy Theory Bode, "A Guide to the Knowledge of the Celestial Body" The Journey to Syracuse, Spaziergang nach Syrakus Kotzebue, Aristocratic Theory, Fessler, Fessler, Opinions on Religion and the Church, Ansichten von Religion und Kirchentum.

(84) 「困難な何ごとかを克服するたびごとに私はいつも幸福を感じました。」

(84) “I always felt happy every time I overcame something difficult.”

(「不滅の恋人」への手紙)「おお、人生を千倍も生きることはすばらしい! 寂しい生活、いな、僕はもはや寂しい生活をするに適する人間ではないことを感じている。」

(Letter to "Immortal Lover") "Oh, it's wonderful to live a life 1000 times!


(To Wegeler, November 16, 11981)

(85) シンドラーはいっている――「ベートーヴェン先生が私に自然の知識を授けた。

(85) Schindler says: “Mr. Beethoven gave me knowledge of nature.


[The happiness of walking along fields, mountains and valleys with Dr. Beethoven has been given to me countless times.


He taught me the study of nature as well as the study of music.


What captivated his mind was not the laws of nature, but rather the natural power of nature. "

(86) 「おお、この人生は美しい。

(86) “Oh, this life is beautiful.


But my life is always bitterly poisoned (vergiftet). "


(To Wegeler, May 2, 1801)

「悩みをつき抜けて歓喜に到れ!」Durch Leiden Freude という言葉は、一八一五年十月十九日にエルデーディー伯爵夫人に贈られた。

"Get out of trouble and rejoice!" The word Durch Leiden Freude was presented to Countess Erdedie on October 19, 1815.


[Translator's Note-This letter is in Leitzmann, Vol.

エルンスト・ベルトラムが一九二七年にケルン大学でやった「ベートーヴェン」講演の中で用いている「無限の霊を持てるわれら有限の者たち」Wir Endliche mit dem unendlichen Geist というベートーヴェンの言葉も同じ手紙の中にある。

The same word is used by Ernst Bertram at the Beethoven lecture at the University of Cologne in 1927: "We are the finite, who have infinite spirits", Wir Endliche mit dem unendlichen Geist In the letter.


"... We, the finite humans with infinite spirits, are born to worry and rejoice, but most can say this: To get it ... "[paragraph translator]]


Uchimoto: "Life of Beethoven" Iwanami Bunko, Iwanami Shoten


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