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ベートーヴェンの生涯:02 ベートーヴェンの生涯:ロラン ロマン:片山 敏彦(645-681)/1248


I will be content to go before the judgment of God ... (58) "


"While you're a useless person, why don't you decide to be an honest person now?


心 Because of your cunning of my way, my heart has suffered so much that I can hardly forget it.


God knows that I want to cut you off from your shameless family with you, my younger brother.


-I don't trust you anymore. "


And he signs, "Unfortunately, you are your father, rather Beethoven (59), who is not your father."


But after that he forgive immediately-


"My beloved son, I don't need anything anymore.


Please come back into my arms.


I will not tell you any harsh words anymore.


...... I will always welcome you with affection.


Let's talk about your future.


――I promise not to scold you.


It doesn't help anything anymore.


You can only expect the most immediate concern and help from me.

どうぞ来てくれ!――お前の父親ベートーヴェンのかわらぬ愛情へ帰って来てくれ! この手紙を見たらすぐにわしの所へ帰ってくれ!」――さらにフランス語で封筒の上に――〔Si vous ne viendrez pas, vous me tuerez su^rement.〕「お前がこないと、お前はきっとわしを殺すことになるよ(60)。」

Please come! -Come back to your father's unbelievable affection!を 見 Please return to me as soon as you see this letter! -And on the envelope in French-[Si vous ne viendrez pas, vous me tuerez su ^ rement.] "If you do not come, you will surely kill me (60)."


"Please don't deceive me," he pleads.

「いつもわしの愛する良い息子であってくれ! 人がわしにそう思い込ませようとすることがほんとうで、もしもお前がわしの目をごまかしているとすると、それは何という恐ろしい過ちだ!――今日はこれだけにする。

"Always be my good dear son! It's true that people try to make me think so, and if you're fooling my eyes, what a terrible mistake!-Today Only this.


Although I am not the father of your birth, I have brought you up, and have taken care of you as much as I can to be a good person. Ask me, please walk only on the right and good road (61)! "


Not lacking in intelligence, after Beethoven had dreamed of all the hopes of this nephew who wanted to take the course of college education, he agreed to make his nephew a merchant. I had to help.


However, Karl borrowed after gambling.


悲 A sad fact that happens more often than one might imagine, but in this case the uncle's great morality was bothersome to the nephew.


It left the nephew abandoned and eventually led to rebellion.


The nefarious words the nephew himself wrote reveal the truth of this miserable soul: "I became a bad guy because my uncle tried to make me a good man."


In the summer of 1826, Karl reached a point where he could fire a pistol bullet into his brain.


Carle did not lose his life, but Beethoven suffered a fatal blow.


From this terrible turmoil he could not recover again (62).


Karl was happy.


He survived and remained annoyed to the end—until Beethoven's death.


And this man, who was never immune to the cause of Beethoven's death, was not with him at the end of Beethoven's death.


--Beethoven wrote to his nephew a few years before his death, "Because God has never given up on me and has not given it to me," But someone will be there. "


-This one person has never been the one he used to call his "son" (63).




Beethoven's attempt to rejoice is from the bottom of this sadness.


It was his whole life.


He had been thinking about it since 1793 when he was still in Bonn (64).


Throughout his life he wanted to sing delight.