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幕末維新懐古談:79 その後の弟子の事:高村 光雲(56-88)/135


泰 Yasumo Yamada was formerly a disciple of a master engraver, but with the help of Professor Ashino Kusuyama, he became my mentor.


I came to Oita and died of illness in the future.


孝 Mr. Kokichi Maejima came to her home from an early age, moved to the United States in middle age, and has not returned to this day.


Tsuneo Mingchin is Fukagawa | Born in Morishita, he was a pupil at first and later entered the art school. I have.


Noritake Mohri was born in Asakusa-Kojima-cho, became my mentor, entered an art school, and has been studying since graduation.


Yakushi-ji Yukimo-kun is the headquarters of a pine-fired wholesaler in Kayabacho. Since the house is a wealthy family, he studies a variety of things and is versatile in bonsai, birds, shakuhachi, and calligraphy. Finally, I decided to do sculpture and became my servant.


The sword also cut well, and even if the prototype was done well, it was good, and I got a silver prize at the Art Association, but there are few productions because I can not be chased by my life with many diseases, but today I am doing it to the extent I want, To exhibit the plasticity of "Daughter of Japan" at the Exposition of St. Louis in the United States, which became a place to be praised by Mr. McNeel, one of the sculptor's landlords. He told me that he wanted to take over the `` Japanese daughter '' on the right, so after I returned from Iwamura, I was told to that effect, so when I talked to Yakushiji, he was happy. I consented, Kotaro was just in the middle of the US tour, so I entrusted him with convenience and sent the right molding to Mr. McNeel.


A couple of years later, McNeel sent her a self-made bust as a return.


He is very pleased and treasured.


In other words, it was a process like replacement production.


友 Yuki Takeuchi is from Toyama prefecture.


Prepared for art school at home and later enrolled.


After graduating, he became a teacher at a craft school in Kagawa Prefecture.


に は And for those who are a little strange,


栄 Eita Sasaki, born in Yokohama, sculpted furniture on land.


Later, when I came to my gate, I was a very talented person, and when I became quite skilled, I went to the United States to make poetry and I did not know as a poet, but after returning home last year, I wrote brushes for magazines and so on.


Today we are playing in the United States again.


Kisaburo Sano, also a writer and a younger brother of a newspaper reporter who called himself Hiroshi Tsunoda, was a young man who came to my ancestors and had a long way to go. I wrote things in.


Today is hometown | I am returning to Suruga Fuji-gun.


光 Mr. Mitsunori Masuda, this person was a very elaborate person and the work was also surprisingly elaborate.


Sorry, he went hunting with his alumni in his hometown, was hit by a shot and was injured, hurt his health, and no longer went to production as before.


I went to Kishu Kumano for the purpose of the old shrine preservation society and did not return as it was, and today I have disappeared.


嶺 Rinun Arakawa, a man from Shimane, has been studying in his hometown today after leaving my gate.


徳 Tokuji Koizumi, Kamakura | I live under the snow and do carving in Kamakura.


This is one of the disciples I had when I carved the monkey.


Mr. Masanori Negishi, a person from Kyoto who was asked to be a disciple by a certain person but was not at my house.


良 Yamagata people were Ryozo Sugawara (who died halfway), Nagoya people were Denjiro Kojima, Mie people were Kentanzo, Nezu's turtle soba, and Yoshio Ito was nervous.


After that, Kakujiro Hosoki died at a private house with a beriberious impulse during his training as an inner apprentice.


He was a shy person, and I took care of something while sick, but it was so urgent that I couldn't help it.


When there are many disciples, it can be a very serious situation like this and it is very worrying.


There is a promising prospect, and there are disciples who have died along the way.


Rikutaro Yazawa (a brother of a fangist), Yoshizo Imaoka, Shinnosuke Kakuda, and Yoshihei Nofusa all died at the height of their training.


Mr. Nofusa came to my house at the age of 12 under the care of the expert, Susumu Tsuboi, and was a disciple who could be called a child, but I regret dying at the end of the age of 30 .