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幕末維新懐古談:73 栃の木で老猿を彫ったはなし:高村 光雲(1-28)/160


Bakumatsu Restoration Nostalgia


A story of carving an old monkey in Tochigi


Takamura Mitsuun


あ っ た I was sorry that I lost my governor's daughter, but it wasn't good, and one of them had a job at school, so I was dismissed.


話 A bit of the story goes back and forth, but in the spring of that year, I was asking each technician to produce a piece for the Chicago Exposition at the US Department of Agriculture and Commerce.


I also asked me to make one as a wooden sculpture.


政府 The government encouraged this listing.


However, the exhibition was not a government exhibition but an individual exhibition, but as an incentive, we subsidized individual production costs.


For example, if I prepare a piece of 800 yen and subsidize it, the government will subsidize half of that price, and if it becomes a contract, all the price and subsidy will be paid to the writer, so the exhibition is Because it is the name of the writer, it was very convenient for the writer.


At that time, government authorities were still subsidizing to this extent.


But at this time, I stopped helping and I had to make something for the convenience of the right.


I thought about what to make, but before that I had the idea that I wanted to make something with Tochigi and see it.


The material of this Tochigi tree is pure white, the grain of silver is glittering, and the skin of the pure color is very beautiful. Therefore, this material was used to make a parrot once and became an item of Miyauchi Ministry.


So again, I searched for good wood from Tochigi, and made use of the pure, silvery, shiny spots to prepare and look at the year-old white monkey.


頃 At that time, I was an era dedicated to animals, and as a result of doing various animal studies, I thought about such a work.


So, when I asked a lumber shop on the log bank, I found that there were some good woods from Tochigi, but they weren't available in minutes, so I hesitated to buy them. There are six to seven shaku.


However, he told me that he had trouble with the fare and the days it took, so he wouldn't be doing business because he wouldn't be doing business.


So when I tell this thing to Sadayuki Goto, let's see one of them directly, and if you go out, I'll help you too, so I went there to buy Tochigi. I decided to go to


The place is a light emitting road in Tochigi prefecture.


It is a mountain village where the tip of the toe gradually rises as it crawls from Kanuma to the back of three or four villages.


I and Goto went out by train from Ueno, but because of the wrong train, I stayed overnight in Utsunomiya, got off early in the morning in Kanuma, and then headed to the light emitting road.


At the time of March, the cold weather was still severe, and I went out of Kanuma with a trembling trembling, but there were four or five rickshaws at the village end |


We thought that if we pass in front of them, we will always go ahead and call for a ride, but we do not say anything about the car shop, but we are silent even as we pass, so it is a bit wrong, here When I went back and spoke words and asked me how much money to go to the light-emitting path, I was surprised to find out where the light-emitting path was, and one carman was there.


However, one carman says that the light-emitting road is in the mountains where there are four or five villages in the future, the road is bad and it is very difficult.


I'm sorry I'm sorry | It's not going to be very talkative, such as saying that it's a shame because the road is distant and painful, so I decided to see my feet if I tried to force it, Goto You're only good at military personnel and say, "There's nothing like riding a car.


Let's walk to the light-emitting path, "so I was a little nervous.


Mountains still have white snow and remain in the area between the mountains, and the morning breeze is piercingly cold.


I walked a long way, so I heard that the light emitting path would be straight. When I heard the way, it was just halfway, so I walked with courage again, but I couldn't reach the light emitting path even if I walked.