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幕末維新懐古談:47 彫工会の成り立ちについて:高村 光雲(28-55)/109


And ... this was how it was.


So, the generals of the Yanaka school want to create and pass this union on their own side, but want to seize power. That's why my head is shaking.


You can't just copy anything you like.


So they rallied and campaigned for their own lower-ranking ones, prepared for a number of two hundred, and organized the union.


Even the people in the prefectural government did not fully investigate how many people are currently in the fang carving world, so they approved the application form issued by the Yanaka school.


In other words, there were more than two hundred applicants in the application submitted by the Yanaka school, so the people concerned thought that this number would be a little over two-thirds of the current number of sculptors, and would have granted permission.


Or did you even think about that?


Anyway, I did the job of the Yanaka school.


Therefore, the governor and the deputy governor were both named Yanaka generals, and the rules were completed.


However, if you look at it, you'll find everything that's convenient for the parent.


For example, there are a number of clauses that favor the use of disciples and artisans by the master, that is, the direction to discourage backwards.


Those who take time off during the year will be fined, those who move from one master to another will not use or exile during the union, and it is only a disadvantageous rule for disciples who are going to train .


Such a thing was completed and distributed to the fang carving world in general.


The first-class people who took this had a lot of fun.


However, people such as Asahi Tamayama and Mitsuaki Ishikawa, Toshiaki Shimamura, and Taho Tanaka are masters | They are people who make things, have a high spirit, and are teacher-minded people. In the form of being outwitted by the people, the question was what happened.


Originally, the Yanaka school, the teacher school, and the technicians belonging to this school had different attitudes toward technology, so at this time there was no need to squeeze the disciple's thing, and various rules I don't think there's any reason to get stuck in it.


I am a person who is enthusiastic and committed to work without being involved in any trouble, so when I saw such absurd contracts by mail and came to my own permission, I felt extremely annoying.


If he disagrees, he cannot work in the city.


This is an idea for the moment if you have to retreat to the suburbs.


By the way, if you get into the union in favor of the Covenant just because you are in trouble, you have to take control of Yanaka faction, which is where Hirao despises his job.


This is even more ridiculous than leaving the suburbs.


Even if it's good, it won't squeeze the disciples who are in high training for anything.


So, this union rule is a huge inconvenience of 10 million.


It was the general intention of the people of this sect to not crawl very much.


However, even if you disagree with the one who has already issued the union rules with the permission of the prefectural government, even if you claim the intention of rebellion, at this time, there is nothing but rebellion In the absence of certain material, when they realize that they cannot exercise in opposition, it seems like they all have to worry and talk more about how to preach. Was.


Kenjiro Kaneda submitted an opinion here.


Mr. Kaneda was a former sword sword swordsmith, but later became a tusk carver and was a trading merchant with a shop in Asakusa / Mukoyanagihara. (Kaneda's second generation is Nihonbashi-ku | There is a shop in Osawmachi).


Now, one of our colleagues, Tozoyama Chozo, came together and consulted, and Mr. Kaneda said, "There is an interesting thing I came up with about it, but I would like to tell you one thing. Let's go.