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幕末維新懐古談:41 蘆の葉のおもちゃのはなし:高村 光雲(1-34)/70


Bakumatsu Restoration Old-fashioned Story


The story of a bamboo leaf toy




The conversation was interrupted for a while, so it was a little strange ... How far did I talk about ... Say ... I was supposed to add a paragraph at the end of the previous story.


From now on, my work will be in the order of working socially, so my situation-living conditions will also become practical and complicated, but the procedure of the story is On the contrary, I think it will go in order.


By the way, today was the first time for a while, so let's talk about a useless story and then start again.


This story was about the time when the teacher sold his house in Horitabara, and when he left Echigo-cho, around the time of the Meiji period, the father Kanematsu was 61-1, 2 and I was 26, 7. It's not a story, but my memory is very impressive.


…… Speaking of selling rakes at Tori no Ichi, one of Tokyo's annual events, and selling toys of bamboo leaf insects… Sitting here here today I think that is mysterious.


My father Kanematsu is no longer an old man who has reached the sixtieth birthday, but he is a master and I'm doing the family, so I can play in the retreat, I think that I work, I earn my own pocket money, I have never caught it, but as I said before, since it is a general dexterous person and the surgery is as good as someone else, I can do something with my ingenuity I want to do a small work.


I don't like to be idle and play, so even if my work doesn't always make money, I use my hands and brain to create my own designs and see things.


If grandchildren can be made, then toys for grandchildren will be prepared.


If you move, you will repair the damage of the house you moved over.


Reconnect the spear.


It was a rare thing to make a new look, to create a shelf, or to change the pattern to suit the working circumstances of the owner, and it was an exceptional quality person for the family.


Also, I know enough about how to make money since I have been struggling since I was young.


Surgery is good and I like it well, so I don't want to be half-hearted, half-quick, and uncomfortable, and try to sell something that I have prepared according to the time of day That was one of the pleasures of Father Kanematsu at that time, but it would be good if buyers were willing to buy their own tastes and would be happy, otherwise they would not sell.


“It ’s interesting, because it ’s not a business that counts out the profits and profits.


It was a habit of following this old man with the feeling that he wanted to be impressed and said that it was a good taste.


Therefore, there are various strange things from the fire extinguisher that I talked about as to whether my father can make dongs, but when it comes to summer, there are various forms of insects. The feet are made of wire and the wings are made of cold or suitable material, and the colors are colored by the insects, making it look like the real thing.


The types are bees, spiders, bellworms, crickets, red foxes, butterflies, grasshoppers, etc. At first glance, it seems that they are going to crawl out and spread out their feathers.


“How is it?


It will look like a real red fox.


How about this grasshopper?


I like this leg tension. ”


If you stay at the shoji pier, etc., it seems that the red fox and the grasshopper are really coming out of the sky.


The old man is good at it and hangs out and goes to somewhere.


If you are wondering where you are going, you can come back soon.


Has a lush cocoon in his hand.


Probably somewhere went to Asakusa rice field.


"I took the candy and made it out.


What are you going to do about it? "


"That's my taste"


The old man has a confident face, such as craftsmanship, and starts working again and again.


I think what I will do is to keep the current grasshoppers and red buds on the cut leaves of the bamboo leaves.