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回想録:高村 光太郎(459-493)/854


So at the time of elementary school, the teacher was weak and let the organ play at last.


Even after I was adolescent, I went to Sakai Shogun, who was at the bottom of the central hall of Hongo, and practiced speaking, but I was also surprised by Sakai Shogun.


I know the sound, but when I try to put it out there is a big strange voice coming out of a fool, so Sakai Katsumi is weak, and you decide to do it later.


Because my sister is not good either, my mother said, "This girl can not mess with the shamisen in her habit."


However, it was said that it was strange.


And I like the work, and I draw and draw, I go to such people and finish, so my father noticed, when I was in Nishimachi, I began to learn drawing at around the age of ten.


The master was Kano Hisanobu, but the good thing about the Kano school is that he never uses bad materials at the time of training.


It is a fact that you do not improve if you draw with bad things.


It is definitely a fine way to never use bad material to say that it is a practice.


Because of that, he struggled to buy the materials he would give to his sister in poverty.


When I learned a picture, my sister got excited and I was well-versed in what the teacher said, and went on with enthusiasm.


In fact, it was a memorial to the teacher, and what he asked from the teacher was carefully preserved even with a piece of paper.


The picture depicts something that is quite clear, so I can not think of a child even if I look at things that have just passed away, and I give prizes at exhibitions etc. of that time.


On the winter day, he still wears a purple high-crested hood and holds it wrapped with tatami paper or a brush.


Remembering the Kannon, when passing through the dark areas of Ueno, he said that it was not scary to walk while looking over it.


I was very intimate, and at that time my father had fallen forty years from school, broke a rib and injured at a school year in the forty-two years, and I was not good at carving a monkey for the Chicago Expo. I thought that evil would come to me, and I made a wish to immobilize my father to replace him.


So, even when I became ill-worn and died of pneumonia, which I now say, I died with pleasure thinking that I would really die instead of my father.


I keep a diary until eight days before I die, but I can not read it in the last place because it shakes.


Two books of the diary remain, but when I look at it, I feel that I can not say that I am an adult and a child at all.


There are still photos, but they look similar to Higuchi Ichiyo.


My father was shocked by my sister's death and was very discouraged and saddened and even unbearable to be at home.


Even if Hayashi-cho had a home with a knower, he came over here.


Because it was autumn, there is a chrysanthemum doll on the dumpling slope, and I remember that I had pulled a moving car in the crowd.


The fact that I will take care of my father's sculpture work has been decided before no one has said it.


It was decided to take over his father's job, and he did not say anything else of his choice, but began to do it naturally.


When I was about seven or eight in elementary school, I cut out from my father, and I played only three swords, a round sword, and so on.


For the first time in my life, my father showed me clearly that I would lead me toward the sculpture.


I felt like I was a sculptor with a sword, and I wanted to see anything.


Since the disciples have been around since I moved to the valley and finished elementary school, I went to the small factory all the time to see and hear in the meantime, naturally remember tools and other things I went.


First of all, sculpting was the first step in making a sword handle.


I'm going to look into the contents of the stuffed knife, but I cut the plate of the coffin, I cut it there by a deep depth and put it in with glue, so that the handle of the knife was not taken off properly, I cut it well and my father If so, it will be shaped like a patriarchal pattern and finished with a bamboo leaf so that it does not feel like it.


I can not do that easily.


I'm finished saying that it's not good enough.


The groove is not deep and not deep, and there is a little extra space, and it is good for glue to come in and fit perfectly.


Then, no air comes in to the inside of the empty contents, so no whistle comes.