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回想録:高村 光太郎(150-185)/854


It seems that he talks about things such as sculptural works and various talks for a long time, but my father may be a custom of the Buddhist temple age, "I will sit down.


I will be at your service. "


Because I said that, I thought I should not say such a thing.


During the time of Okakura-san in the art school, it is possible that teachers do not have to come to school properly, as long as they can take care of students throughout the year. So, the teacher taught me a lot of examples at school.


In addition, statements from the related organizations of the government, such as commemorative images come and forth.


If the teacher is engaged in the production, it becomes an example of the professor, and the students look and learn in various ways.


For example, I remember only a little when I saw a statue of Dukwon that my father took to work, but I knew well when I saw a statue of Takamori Saigo, but I was temporarily giving a hut to an art school.


A wooden figure of the statue of Deng was made, and it was taken within the double bridge for decoration, and the Emperor Meiji was first enlightened.


After that we also saw, but remember that we went out with salt because my father had full responsibility.


Forgetting to put the sword in the sword in front of the fort, the majesty suddenly came down to the ground and became a tenure while turning around the image of the roundabout, but at that time the sword shook I remember I was saying that it was a shame if it fell.


That image was made only of wood type, but casting metal could not be made technically, so Yukio Okazaki was able to go abroad and researching the method of metal casting.


It was a big deal at that time that I could only answer that.


In addition, Mr. Goto, etc. also related to that image, but when there is a horse in that state, there is a person who accuses the horse not to raise its tail like that, and Goto-san to disprove it In his stance when he let his horse run, pull his head and stop suddenly, he proved in practice that the horse raised its tail.


Mr. Goto also entrusts the anatomies of the horse, and the horse is well known to the horsemanically, but since the sculptural feeling of the original is not understood, the father is troubled and says, Is there?


Speaking of, Goto said, "The place where the horse does not turn like that."


It is said.


Then my father went on all the time, "It can not be helped, but somehow I can't turn it, because there must be momentum in the sculpture, please do something somehow."


It was a good idea to say that.


The image of Mr. Nishigo wore a hut at the playground in the school garden and made many wooden patterns.


I went around to and from elementary school, so I was watching it from the end.


As there are a lot of manifestations that know the southern affair, it seems that various people came to see and insisted the appearance of the southern affair that everyone touched.


Mr. Ito (Hakubun) and others said that the generals of the army should be dressed well, but Mr. Enoyama, who was the minister of the navy, is good to go back to Kagoshima to hunt, and that the true point of the south pole is in such a place As I did not bend my opinion hard, I settled down there eventually.


At the waist of the south cape is a cape for catching food.


I remember that Mr. Hatakeyama instructed me while shouting in a loud voice.


It takes a long time to make a prototype.


It's small, and it extends twice.


Sag-furi is lowered and made into a wood split and it extends from a small part.


And it was made as a parlor and piled up gradually.


Various teachers such as Mr. Kinsai Yamada and Mr. Shinkai (Taketaro) were helping.


There are various tasks in the process of its production according to it.


The cutting tools are also very large, so we need various devices, and there are many jobs belonging to carpenters.


I think that it would be for the students to remember that while watching them everyday.


Mr. Takeuchi built a large hut in the Yabari school, and the statue of Nichiren was built in it.


Failing to cast gold, there was a big hole in the body of Nichiren, and we played from and to there.


I filled that with casting because I can not do it well over and over again.


It is the statue of Deng Kim who made the best casting.