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開墾:高村 光太郎(1-29)/57




Kotaro Takamura


It is unbelievable to say that my own confession is a revelation and so forth.


I dug up the ground about the forehead of a cat in the hut, and planted a potato last year.


This year, I will raise the ground of double rattle again and insist that I will plant the potato.


Outside, I use a field of only Mitaka outside, and I have a variety of upland farming here.


That's it for now.


I'm going to do nothing more than I can do because I'm going to do nothing more than my physical strength and time.


If you do not do it or you do not do it, it will be obvious that you will get into the work of your own art and it will be tempting you to overwork your physical strength.


It is felt that one can really study and study oneself on the other hand, and if it is a farmer etc., it means labor and physical abuse if it is labor, and if it is not physical labor, it is not labor. It leads to having an illusion, and using convenient tools etc. is somewhat inclined to be considered as something that means labor avoidance, but this is a foolish thing and it is necessary without overuse of physical strength. It goes without saying that we must aim to be able to do only work.


Unwillingly to make the plan magnificent and work his god too much for that purpose, it is not possible to know what to suffer for because of suffering, and there is still an example that leads to a hopelessly destructive idea. Is a pity.


I believe that it's better to start a little bit more than a minute.


That's why I started to do a very easy way of imitating clearing after last year's solution, but surprisingly enough, it was enough to scare me of being an amateur. It was hot.


My palms have many years of extravagance, and I have a great deal of confidence in power work, but it seems that there is a difference between the area where the area is exposed and the area where the horse's area is exposed. There were only three blood clots on my palm.


After it was crushed and healed, the deep part of the subcutaneous area began to become pussious, and at first he started to groan, and eventually he got sore and painful that he could not sleep for a week.


The appearance of swelling on one side of the wrist up to the arm of the second arm is amazing, so I went out to Hanatocho Town and saw it to the hospital director Hanamaki, and immediately cut out my right palm and put out pus that night. Received.


Then I had to stay at the director's residence in Hanamaki-cho for less than a month to go to the hospital every day for gauze.


The month is just from May to June, so it is the most important time to grow, sow, fertilize, and so on. Was late.


When I went back to the mountain at the end of June, the green beans, green beans, potatoes and so on were apparently something to be eaten, but the seedlings of mulberry were eaten by weeds.


The weeds that once came out were hard to get rid of in the middle of the work with the right hand, and my field was in a state where various crops were lodged in the weeds, and it was really a shame.


In addition, the area around the foot of the Kitakami River and the west is a strong acid soil, which is a well-known desert area.


It has been known for a long time, and since it is a poor land, it has a desire to move to a place.


There are many fertile lands in the alluvial zone to the east of the Kitakami River, but I have heard that it is not popular in the Saifu region.


In the region where vegetables can be taken to a great extent, the practice of farmers making rattan products makes nature and the popularity of the area shallow.


No place to go to a place where you can not go to a place where you are not self-sufficient, so the farmer is not a diligent person and at the same time is not a bad person, he is not a human being Keep it straight and talk.


In fact, the people in Otamura Yamaguchi are all so fond of people that they are so rare in the world.


Instead, it is a strongly acidic soil.


So I used Tankar.


This is a limestone that Kenji Miyazawa was a product of the Tohoku Crushed Stone Company during his lifetime, and he himself fought for the sale, but today its utility has been widely recognized, and even now he is near Nagasaka Village, Higashi-Kashii-gun After that, there is a successor company, and it is called calcium carbonate, which is called Tankal for short, and it seems that it will be sold out quickly.